Sunday, July 12, 2009

E-books for Homeschooling

An e-book is an electronic book available for immediate download. There are e-books available for every imaginable topic, with e-book authors creating new books every day. Living in a rural town, I can understand how not everyone has a good library or bookstore at their fingertips. Thankfully, the assortment of e-books available can replace the need for a hard copy by providing homeschoolers with information on their computer. One example of a good e-book for preschool homeschoolers is: Little Kid Crafts

While crafts are available all over the Internet, having a book already sectioned off for easy craft retrieval can help cut down on craft research time. I know sometimes my daughter asks to do a craft and it takes me 30 minutes or so to find something online that's engaging and age-appropriate. If you haven't checked out e-books as a form of curriculum, you're missing out on a whole other area of homeschooling curriculum.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Learning Ideas for the Beach

Pretty soon me and the kids will be on a plane to visit the grandparents in Florida. One thing I'm looking forward to is the beach. After moving to Missouri, getting to see the beach is exciting again. I'm also excited because there are so many learning opportunities that happen naturally at the beach.

Preschoolers can practice their building skills by planning a sandcastle community. I'm always amazed at my children's natural critical thinking and analyzing skills when we play sandcastles. They plan bridges, moats, roads, and castles, including the design and decoration.

Seashells bring out all sorts of questions about the colors, types, and styles. Searching for seashells provides the opportunity to search for shells based on color, shape, or texture. Kids will also learn about sea animals and sea glass when taking a seashell walk.

One of my favorite learning activities, and one that gets me just as excited as the kids, is exploring a natural reef area. In south Florida, we have one particular beach that has a handful of natural reefs. The kids can find hermit crabs, snails, fish, sea cucumbers, mollusks, and coral all at one beach. Having a digital camera handy for your beach adventures is a great way to record memories and print out picutures so you can make ocean-themed books. Happy homeschooling!