Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What Happens to Your Homeschool When You Have a Sick Family?

Fall and winter are the two seasons in my house when everyone starts sniffling and coughing. Sometimes they're just your run-of-the-mill cough and sniffle. Other times they turn into full-blown colds, or even worse, the flu. So what do you do when one or more of your family members are out with an illness? How do you get your homeschooling done when one is coughing, one is sleeping, and you yourself just want to crawl into bed? The answer is simple - you don't.

Being a homeschooler means you have the freedom to take a week or two off when the family is down and out with an illness. There is no reason to force a kid to sit and do school work when they aren't feeling well. And if the kids are fine but mom is under the weather, it's okay to take some time off then, too. This just happened to us recently. I suffer from the occasional migraine, and my stomach has never been my friend. I just had a bad bout of illness the last week and am still recovering slightly. Our September work has suffered because of it, but I know we'll catch up.

So if you homeschool and the germ bugs hit your house hard, take a deep breath, (if it doesn't cause you to cough all over the place)relax, and realize that homeschoolers can make up missed work on the weekends, at night, during the holidays, and on vacation. There is no penalty for taking a little R&R when the health of your family is under attack. Happy homeschooling!


  1. Yes that is the great thing about homeschooling. We just make up our work as we get better. I am sick a lot but i try my best to not let it affect the kids and their homeschooling, but when it does I just let the kids make up things later and have them do fun educational things so they are still learning.

  2. That is a good thing about schooling from home. When I am feeling ill I have my daughter read and do her math. The rest of the things she does is up to her she can either read more or draw. Love the freedom. I also love that we learn what shes wanting to learn.