Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mingo National Wildlife Refuge Field Trip

 This week we went with a few other homeschooling families to the Mingo National Wildlife Refuge in Puxico, Missouri. With more than 21,000 acres, this refuge is the largest remnant of bottomland hardwoods in S.E. Missouri. In the fall, there is a waterfowl migration that brings a variety of geese, ducks, and other water birds to the marshes of the refuge.

We really enjoyed getting together with other homeschoolers to explore this area. I think Avlyn's favorite thing was the colors and textures of the shelf mushrooms growing on the trees. She also enjoyed kicking up all of the leaves that had gathered on the boardwalk trail

Making new friends was also nice, as she was able to explore with kids she knew and those she'd just met. She got along particularly well with one little boy. Her dad says it's always the boys....:)

 Wel also spotted quite a few animal tracks on our quest. We saw coyote, racoon, and deer tracks. Here she is looking at what we think are deer tracks in a muddy area next to the marsh.
Squashing the prickly berry may have been a high point for her, but wasn't exactly a high point for me. Being that she's 5, baby wipes just aren't something I keep on hand anymore. Thankfully, her outfit and her hands were kind of the same color. We are looking forward to another trip out there with the whole family next spring. I think seeing the refuge in full bloom will be beautiful. If you'd like to explore a refuge in your state, check out the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website for a listing of wildlife refuges all over the country. Happy homeschooling!


  1. It was such a neat day! Thanks for the links as well. Looking forward to going again. Like you said, I'm sure each season has something very unique. We are going to go later in November or so when the geese migrate. That will be a sight!

  2. My home is not far from Mingo...I was wondering what homeschool group you are a part of? I homeschool my son and have been wondering if there was a group close by! Check out my blog (you'll see I'm not an axe murderer)!

  3. It's one located in Poplar Bluff. I know that there is also an active one in Cape. If you want to leave a comment with your email addy, I can forward you the info. My comments are moderated, so your addy won't be published to the blog.