Wednesday, November 10, 2010

If You Give a Moose a Muffin Storyboard Presentation

After you've completed your storyboard for whichever book you choose, it's time to present it. In order to assess whether or not your child truly gets how to retell a story, you need them to go through the storyboard page-by-page and retell the story. They can do this just with you, or you can wait until the whole family is home and have them give a little presentation. Avlyn wanted to share it with her dad and brother. She practiced with me in the morning, and then later that night she presented it to her dad and brother.  Below is a short video I took of her presentation. She's generally soft spoken, and for some reason she was nervous and kept rocking back and forth, so it's a little hard to hear her. But it gives you a general idea of what we did. If your child is less shy, I could see this being a much more elaborate presentation of the book. But I'll see if I can't get her to come out of her shell a little more on the next one. I hope that some of you have found this idea different and will take a stab at creating your own storyboards. Feel free to comment with links to your storyboards, cause I'd love to check out what you do differently. 

The link to the YouTube video is:

I have the video set up as a private listing, so you will need to cut and paste the link in order to access it directly.

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