Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One Mitten by Kristine George - Book, Activities, and Ideas.

This week we are working with the book One Mitten by Kristine George. This is a really cute story for preschoolers and kindergartners. The main character has one mitten when the story starts, and she does all kinds of different things with one mitten. Then she finds the other and does things with two mittens. I will be posting our activities daily, but wanted to give you a jumping off point for this book if you'd also like to integrate it into your curriculum. Below are two links that will be helpful when planning lessons and activities for this book.

The teaching site for One Mitten- this is provided by the author and she links to a ton of other sites that have mitten activities and ideas.

Jan Brett's Site- this page is actually designed to be used with The Mitten, but it works well for One Mitten, too. I printed out a bunch of the mitten templates for color word practice.

Okay. I've given you the starting point for finding ideas for use with this book. Now it's up to you to be creative and have fun with this book. We started by reading the story and did our first activity today. Look to the blog this week for our activities and ideas that go along with the book/winter theme. Happy homeschooling!

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  1. I didn't post more about this book because we ended up just doing a lot of writing prompts with it. It ended up being more fun to discuss things like, "What would you do with one mitten?" "What would you color your mitten?" etc...than a bunch of activities and separate lessons.