Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nick Jr. Magazine

I'm not affiliated with Nickelodeon or anything like that, but I wanted to recommend that any preschool homeschoolers check out this magazine if you haven't already. My daughter picked this out at the bookstore the other day and has been independently flipping through it over the past couple of days. The other day I sat down to read it with her and was pleasantly surprised at the content.

I was expecting a bunch of stories relating to the Nick Jr. television shows, but the magazine is full of fun stories and activities that actually teach something. There were lessons on the alphabet, birds, matching, counting in spanish, critical thinking, and reading. Nick Jr. magazine also has tips and ideas printed at the bottom of the pages to expand on the lesson or activity. Magazines are one tool I really love utilizing as teaching aids. They're bright, colorful, include current information, are portable, and make learning fun. If you're not using magazines in your homeschool, you should browse the local bookstore and find one that your kids love.

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  1. National Geographic for Kids is really good, too. We get it, and they always have lots of activities. They also have things from different countries-once it was masks, another time it was how to say "Hello" in languages from several countries. When I read those parts with my kids, we go to our big world map (free from my regular National Geographic subscription) and we find the countries together. My 3 year old daughter especially enjoys that part.