Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! We are back in the groove starting Monday. My daughter has decided that she wants to try kindergarten at the local kindergarten center next year. I have my reservations, but pretty much all of her friends are going there and that's what solidified her decision. Our educational decisions are based off of our children's needs and wants. Homeschooling remains an open option for us at all times, but we've decided that we won't tell our kids they have to be homeschooled unless the public school system becomes unsafe or horribly underserves their needs.

My son decided to try school in first grade, and he's doing fine. My daughter, who has always been more social and active than my son, has decided she wants to be where her friends are. This does affect our homeschooling since I will no longer plan my preschool lessons based on where I want to be by the time kindergarten starts. In all honesty, I'm actually going to be doing less. I've already researched the general outline of the public school's kindergarten benchmarks, and we're already at many of those benchmarks. My biggest fear is that she'll start kindergarten and be bored like my son has been the last two years. This is the first year he finally feels challenged because he's learning new stuff.

So for the next few months I'm going to make sure she has her letter sounds down pat, a handful of sight words, and we're gonna work very hard on her speech problem. She struggles with the hard /k/ and /c/ sounds and pronounces them as /t/, /g/, or /d/ depending on what she's saying. Her math skills are already at kindergarten level. So for the blog I'll mostly be posting fun crafts and projects that we do.

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