Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to Homeschool Celebration

As we prepare to start our new school year tomorrow, I've run across a common question on the message boards. Many parents want to know what to do to make the whole going back to school thing more exciting for a homeschooler. Many kids have a back to school party or get to go clothes and school supply shopping right before school starts. But what does a homeschooled child get to do that makes going back to school fun and exciting? Just because you educate at home doesn't mean that you can't build up anticipation for the first day. For those that school year round, you could choose to have a party or celebration at the conclusion of a large unit or before moving on to a higher math program. Below is a list I've compiled from suggestions and ideas from other homeschooling families, along with what we do to celebrate another year of homeschooling.

  • We have a back to school pizza party the day before and she looks through her books and helps me organize some stuff for the first day. I also take a picture of her on the first day and we compare it to what she looked like the year before on the first day.
  • Bake a cake together the night before and have a cake and ice cream party on the first day. I saw some suggestions that do cake and ice cream for breakfast , while others do it for lunch or after dinner.
  • Write a nice card from you to the kids, sharing your excitement to start a new year.
  • Plan a big breakfast or brunch to celebrate going back to school. You can go out to eat or work together and make a meal at home.
  • Purchase a few new school supplies such as paint, colored pencils, glue, scissors, and colored paper. Kids love seeing a collection of unused school supplies and can't wait to use them.
  • Write down what you need for the year. Create a small list for each child and have them help you shop for the supplies, giving them personal choice on items such as folders, pens, pencils ect...
  • Go on a small field trip the day before or on the first day after all of the work is done. This can be something simple such as a trip to the beach or the park, or you can plan something more elaborate such as the zoo or a museum.
You can do one thing or many to celebrate the beginning of a new school year. My daughter's personal recommendation for celebrating back to school is to go outside and watch all the kids on the schools busses drive by on their first day of school and then head back home and be glad she doesn't have to get on the school bus. She's a nut! :) No matter what you do, remember to celebrate our freedom of educational choice as many countries are still struggling to gain the right to home educate. Happy homeschooling!

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